Flirt4Free Review 2021

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  • HD webcams
  • The ability to get 120 FREE credits by adding a valid credit/debit card
  • A lot of free & paid features are available for users
  • There are a lot of different memberships that give a lot of benefits and discounts
  • Affordable prices - the average price of 1 credit is $0,1
  • A lot of hot cam models
  • Live Support is available for users 24/7
  • A quite difficult interface, especially for new users
  • Some performers streaming in low quality (360p)
  • Sometimes can occur disconnects or long time loading
Flirt4Free is a premium cam website that offers a lot of unique free & paid features at affordable prices. Also, you can get 120 FREE credits by adding a valid credit/debit card. But, the Flirt4Free interface could be quite difficult for new users, especially for users who has never used cam sites.

Table of Contents

Flirt4Free is on the list of cam sites that showed the general public on the Internet what a live sex cam show is, how to join it, and how to earn money on it. F4F is very popular among adult webcam lovers. More than 20 million people visit and use Flirt for Free cam every month. I’ve visited and used a lot of different cam websites and it was difficult for me to find something interesting at these websites. Almost all popular cam sites provide quite similar free & paid features. But, I was able to find a lot of interesting features at Flirt4Free. So, I’ve decided to make an extended Flirt4Free Review. I think a lot of people will find this cam website quite interesting for them.

What is Flirt4Free?

Flirt4Free is a huge webcam platform, where hundreds of performers streaming their live shows 24/7, and thousands of users watch these shows. Flirt4Free is the oldest cam website. F4F was launched in 1996 and got a lot of different awards in the adult webcam industry. Despite the huge competition in the adult webcam industry today, Flirt4Free doesn’t lose its popularity. In my opinion, the main factors of popularity are the new & user-friendly interface and a lot of different features.

Is Flirt4Free legit?

Yes, Flirt4Free is absolutely legit. Similar to other big adult webcam platforms, Flirt4Free is legal in the USA and many other countries.
When you first visit, you will see a warning (an adult disclaimer) that the website contains materials of a sexual nature. You need to agree with this and accept that you’re over 18 years old.
Therefore, all models are over 18 years old.
You can get more information about terms & conditions, privacy policy at

So, I want to start my review with a short description of the Flirt4Free interface.

Flirt4Free Interface

Despite the fact that the Flirt 4 Free was launched many years ago, the website has a modern design (compare to MyFreeCams) and a user-friendly interface. There any difficult elements or options at Flirt4Free. So, it will be easy for new users (even users who has never used cam sites) to understand how to use it.

Flirt4Free Home Page Interface

The nav menu divides into 2 sections.

The first section contains 2 blocks: buttons (drop-down lists) with links to important pages and the user’s block (this block contains links to user’s pages and some important user’s buttons). There are quite more different pages compare to the “typical” cam website at Flirt4Free. Links to these pages placed in nav buttons and some of them in the website’s footer. So, let’s take a closer look at these pages in nav menu.

1. The first button is a drop-down list with links to these pages: Live Girl Cams, Live Guys Cams, Live Trans Cams, Fetish, Top 20 Fetish Models, Calendar, Interactive, Flirt Babes.

It is also worth noting, there are 3 main categories of performers: flirt4free girls, flirt4free guys (this main category includes an additional category as flirt4free gay), and flirt4free trans. Unlike other popular cam sites, live shows & chats with men are very popular at F4F. Flirt4Free guys are very popular even among women. Therefore, users and visitors can find a lot of both heterosexuals and homosexuals male models. Flirt4Free gays have big popularity too at You need to click on the button in the right corner of the video chat to enter the “Flirt4Free Gay” category.

Every main category has additional categories. Unlike other popular cam sites, Flirt 4 Free has separate landing pages for Fetish, Calendar, Interactive toys, Flirt Babes.

The “Fetish page” has a quite different design and includes links to the page with a selection of performers by additional fetish categories. Additional categories depend on the main category. If you choose flirt4free girls as the main category, the “Fetish” page will include girls’ fetish categories. Also, there are links to the fetish forum and some fetish articles. So, Flirt4Free offers an extended section for users who likes fetish.

The “Calendar” page. This page contains the 2 weeks’ calendar of scheduled Flirt4Free live shows. These shows are scheduled by performers in advance. Live shows follow one after another. So, each new show will be placed after the last one. Every scheduled show is placed in the calendar in form of blocks. Free welcome day shows are highlighted by green. Today’s shows are highlighted by blue. Also, there are some promo blocks for the most interesting shows on the calendar. You can get additional information about a scheduled show (a short description, the show’s duration, time of starts and ends of a show, show type, set the notification, etc.) by clicking this block. Also, you can choose the time zone that fits you.

The “Interactive” page. This page has been made special for Flirt4Free Interactive Sex Toy Cam Shows. Unlike other cam sites, where you can control model’s sex toys only by tips (the most popular sex toy is Lovense), Flirt 4 Free offers more unique options. There are 3 main options for using interactive devices (sex toys) at

  • Interactive devices that can only be controlled by tips. Models with these sex toys have the Pink “Tip Controlled” Banner in the model’s preview block.
  • Interactive devices that can be controlled by either compatible devices or tips. Models with these sex toys have the Blue “Interactive” Banner in the model’s preview block.
  • Interactive devices that can be controlled by tips, but also have the ability to control and be controlled by compatible devices. Models with these sex toys have the Purple “2-Way Interactive” Banner in the model’s preview block.

There are 2 main sections at the “Interactive” page: the “Feel Conect” section and the “Lovense” section.

The “Feel Connect” section contains information about 3 main options for using interactive sex toys, the block with a selection of models with connected interactive sex toys who is online, and the short guide “How to Connect Your Interactive Sex Device”. You can open the block with additional information about a model, interactive toys that a model can use, and the button to go to the model’s live room page by clicking a model’s thumbnail.

The “Lovense” section contains information about Lovense interactive sex toy, the block with a selection of models with connected Lovense who is online, and the short guide “How to Activate a Lovense Device”. You can open the block with additional information about a model, and the button to go to the model’s live room page by clicking a model’s thumbnail.

The “Flirt Babes” page. This page contains short information and buttons to go the full profiles of Flirt Babes Models: Nikki Crystal, Amannda Skye, Angellina Bae, Megan Blaze, Freya Seductive from Live Cams Mansion. Also, there are some articles and free prerecorded videos from Live Cams Mansion at this page.

2. The second button is a drop-down list with links to pages with a selection of videos by categories. Also, you can go to the huge section (page) with Flirt4Free videos by clicking the “Videos” button.

A lot of paid and free Flirt 4 Free videos are available for users in this section. Unlike other cam sites, Flirt4Free offers such types of video as VODs (Videos On Demand) deals, Volunteer Videos. You can sort all videos by different categories.

Some performers have their own pages in the video section. So, you can watch or buy videos only from a certain performer. Also, there are some additional sections (pages) such as “Suggested For You”, “Leaderboards”, “Top 100 Videos”, “Top VOD Performers”, “Trending Videos”, “Watched Now”, “Latest Videos”, “Uploaded Videos”. Each video is placed in form of a preview block. A preview block contains such information as a screenshot from the video or a live preview, a short description, a performer’s username and a link to a performer’s page in the video section, a video duration, a video rating, a number of views, a cost of video (if it’s paid video).

3. The third button is a drop-down list with links to pages with different ratings such as “Top 20 models”, “Top 100 new cam girls”, “Webcam Hall of Fame”; pages with models’ competitions (challenges) such as “Flirt of the Month”, “Flirt of the Year”; the models’ schedules page (you can find information about when each model online and go to a certain model’s profile page).

Also, you can go to the performers’ directory by clicking the “Profiles” button. There are a list of top Flirt4Free webcam performers, the block with different parameters to search into the performers’ directory, the block with recent performer reviews at this page.

4. The fourth button is the button to go to the page with full information about the “VIP” membership.

Note: These buttons are hidden at live room pages. The “categories” (a drop-down list with links to the pages with a selection of performers by different categories) button is available for you at other pages without the home page and live room pages.

The second section of the nav menu contains the “Categories” button, 3 blocks with sorting parameters, the search string, the “HD” button, 3 buttons that can be used to change the grid size of the model’s preview blocks.

You can open the left-side block with links to pages that contains a selection of models by additional categories and information about a number of performers who is online now by clicking the “Categories” button. Additional categories depend on the main categories.

If Flirt4Free Girls select as the main category, the left-side block contains such additional categories: Alternative, American Girls, Anall, Arabian, Asian, BBW, BDSM, Big Boobs, Big Butts, Bisexual, Blonde, Bodybuilder, Brunette, Certified Kinky, Chubby, College Girls, Cougars, Couples, Domination, Dos Latinas, Double Penetration, Dungeon, Ebony, European Girls, Exotic, Fetish, Foot Fetish, Giant Dildo, Girls Next Door, Glamour, Group Show, Hairy Pussy, Interactive, Latina, Lesbian, Lesbian BDSM, MILF, Mature, Nude Maids, Party Chat, Pregnant, Redhead, Roleplay, Shaving, Small Tits, Southern Girls, Squirters, Strippers, Tattoos, Transgender.

If Flirt4Free Guys select as the main category, the left-side block contains such additional categories: Alternative, American Guys, Anal, Asian, Ass Play, BDSM, Bear and Cub, Bears, Belami, Bi-Curious, Bottoms, Brazilian Boys, Chubby Guys, College Guys, Cross Dressing, Daddies, Domination, Double Penetration, Ebony, Euro-Muscle, European Guys, Fetish, Foot Fetish, Fuck Buddies, Giant Dildo, Group Show, Guy-Guy, Guys Next Door, Guys who Top, Hairy, Interactive, Jerk Buddies, Jock Straps, Latino, Military, Monster Cocks, Muscle, Party Chat, Roleplay, Shaving, Southern Boys, Straight, Tattoos, Twink, Uncut, Wrestling.

Blocks with sorting parameters. The first block can be used to sort all performers by gender (Flirt4Free Live Girls Cams (selected by default), Flirt4Free Live Guys Cams, Flirt4Free Live Trans Cams). The second block can be used to sort all performers by such parameters as Flirt4Free Live Room’s Type (Party Chat, Group Chat, Voyeur, Premiere Rooms), New Models, Interactive Toy’s Type (Tip Controlled, Interactive, 2-Way Interactive), Categories, Fetish, A-Z, Z-A, Highest Price, Lowest Price, Relevance, Couples and Groups, Hide Transgender, Show Country Flags. The third block can be used to sort all performers by language (English, Spanish, Russian, French, Italian, German, Czech, Polish, Japanese, Dutch, Tagalog).

The “HD” button can be used to turn on or turn off the HD quality of thumbnails (the main photo of the performer’s profile) into the model’s preview blocks.

Buttons to choose the grid size of the model’s preview blocks. You can choose the small, medium (selected by default), and large sizes of the grid. For me personally, it is an advantage. Because you have the ability to choose a grid size comfortable for you.

The Model's Preview Blocks

These blocks contain performer’s thumbnails, performer’s username, 2 indicators (room’s type and interactive toy’s type), 2 buttons on the top-right side of each block.

Indicators of live room’s type

This indicator is placed on the bottom-left side of each block. There are such indicators according to colors:

  • The indicator with the pink color is the indicator of party chats (shows).
  • The indicator with the candlelight color is the indicator of group shows.
  • The indicator with the matisse color is the indicator of a voyeur option.
  • The indicator with the carrot orange color is the indicator of premier rooms.
  • The indicator with the bright blue color is the indicator of public (free) shows. Also, you can initiate a private show or a multi-users show into such live rooms.

Indicators of interactive toy’s type

This indicator is placed on the top-left side of each block. There are such indicators according to colors:

  • The indicator with the pink color is the indicator of tip-controlled sex toys.
  • The indicator with the royal blue color is the indicator of interactive sex toys.
  • The indicator with the purple color is the indicator of 2-way interactive sex toys.

When you move your mouse cursor to the model’s preview block, you will see a live preview of a live show and 2 buttons on the top-right side. I don’t really like the realization of live previews. It takes a quite long time to load them and they don’t work very well.

The first button can be used to open a small block with some information about a performer and some action buttons. The second button can be used to open a live room page in a separate tab.

Note: If performers from your wishlist are online, their live preview blocks will be displayed on top of the home page.

Flirt4Free Live Room Pages

Flirt4Free live rooms are quite similar to live rooms at other popular cam sites. But there are some unique features at these pages. Therefore, I’ve decided to describe the interface of live room pages in more detail.

I really like the design and the interface of Flirt4Free live room pages. There aren’t unnecessary blocks and buttons. Also, a big plus that there are separate pages for performer’s profiles at Flirt4Free. Because a lot of other cam websites combine a live room page and a performer’s profile page. Due to this such pages are very big with a lot of unnecessary content, buttons, and blocks. So, it’s quite difficult to use such pages, especially for new users.

There are only 3 main big blocks at Flirt4Free live rooms.

The first block is the streaming block. This block contains a streaming video screen and 1 block with important buttons. When you move your mouse cursor to a streaming video screen, you will see the block that contains the link to the performer’s profile page, buttons that can be used to add a performer to favorite and enable notifications, cost of the minute of the private show on the top-left, 4 settings buttons (the first button can be used to choose a type of a video player: HLS or HTML 5(selected by default), the second button can be used to change the streaming quality, the third button can be used to control a volume, the fourth button can be used to change the screen size: small, medium, large (selected by default), extra-large, native full, full screen), the button to go to the next or previous live room, and buttons to close or minimize a live room page.

Block with important buttons

This block contains such buttons:

  • The main action buttons such the “Start Private Show” and the “Make Offer Button”. Due to the type of show and performer’s settings, some other main action buttons will be instead of these buttons.
  • Other action buttons as “Open chat conversation”, “Browse other online performers” (the block with online performers will be open on top of a live chat by clicking this button), “Add to favorite”, “Add or remove notification”, “Start Cam2Cam”, “View performer’s bio” (the block with a performer’s bio will be open on top of a live chat by clicking this button), “Interactive toy” (the block with information about interactive toy feature will be open on top of a live chat by clicking this button), “Add credits to my account”, “Upgrade to VIP”, “Power boost”, “Join performer’s fan club” (if a performer has this feature), “Send Flirt SMS” (if a performer has this feature), “Call now” (if a performer has this feature), “Performer’s videos” (if a performer has this feature), “Deal” (if a performer has this feature).

The second block is a live chat. This block contains 3 blocks: the main live chat field, the block with 2 sections, the block that contains a field to type messages, the button for chat setting, the button to open a private chat (direct message), the button to choose an emoticon.

The block with 2 section

The first section is credit tips. This section contains such tip options (standard amount of credits): 10, 25, 50, 100, 500, custom; 1000, 5000, 10000, 25000, 50000, flood. The second section is the virtual gifts section. This section contains virtual gifts that users can buy with credits. The price range is from 10 credits to 100 credits.

The third block is short information about a performer. This block contains short information about a performer, performer’s photos, and some action buttons such as “See my full bio”, “Power boost me”, “Add to notifications”, “Send me a gift”, “Send direct message”. Also, you can collapse and expand this block.

Flirt4Free Registration

After registration, you can use all Flirt4Free free features without any restrictions and get 120 free tokens by adding your credit/debit card detail. Registration is absolutely free and the whole process doesn’t take a lot of your time.

When you click the “120 free credits” button, a simple sign-up form will be opened. You need to fill in only 3 inputs: email, chat nickname, password.

Note: Don’t use fake email! Because you need to confirm your email address. After you fill in and send a sign-up form, the email with the confirmation link will be sent to your email.

Is Flirt4Free free to use?

Yes, you can use Flirt 4 Free absolutely free. After registration, you can use such free features as:

  1. Public live show aka open room. It is free for registered users to chat and watch a live show in the open room as much as they’d like. You can simply type your message into the public chat to communicate with a performer.

Note: Non-registered users have some limits and can be removed from the free chat after a period of time. But this time period high enough for new users to experience Flirt4Free Live.

  1. Add or remove performers to favorites.
  2. Add or remove performers from notifications.
  3. Post reviews on performers at their profile pages.
  4. Watch free videos and photos. The Flirt4Free videos section contains Free videos for basic and VIP members.
  5. Performers may use sex toys, although they do so at their own discretion. Users can ask the performer if they have and will use sex toys.
  6. Using of community lists. These lists can be used to access and share your favorite content. These lists are shared with other users via the Community Lists page. You need to go to the My Account page to start making and sharing your own lists. You will find Community Lists under Models & Community in the left sidebar. Click it, then click Create New List.

Flirt4Free Free Credits

It is also worth noting, Flirt4Free offers you 120 Free Credits. You can use these credits to try some paid features.

After registration, you need to select the “120 Free Credits” option and buy it for $0.00 with a valid credit/debit card by clicking the “Buy credits” button on the top right side of your screen. Also, you can add a valid credit/debit card as the main payment method into the “Payment Accounts” at the My Account page and order free credits with this payment method. When complete, your account balance will display 120 credits.

Note: when you register your credit/debit card, Flirt4Free automatically submits a $1 charge for verification purposes. Once the card is verified, the charge is voided. So, you should have a minimum of $2 available on your account for this verification, as it may run twice if the first attempt is unsuccessful.

Flirt4Free Credit Price

Flirt4Free Credits are used as an internal currency to pay for paid features. You can buy credits in standard packages. There are 2 options of credit packages:

1. Credit packages for new users who hasn’t purchased free credits. These credit packages are available only for the first purchase.

  • 120 credits (120 credits free) – $0.00
  • 180 credits (135 credits free) – $5.00
  • 360 credits (180 credits free) – $20.00
  • 1240 credits (340 credits free) – $100.00

2. Credit packages for users who has purchased free credits. These credit packages are available for all purchases after the first one.

  • 90 credits – $10.00
  • 225 credits – $25.00
  • 500 credits (50 credits free) – $50.00
  • 1050 credits (150 credits free) – $100.00
  • 2750 credits (500 credits free) – $250.00
  • 5750 credits (1250 credits free) – $500.00

The average Flirt4Free Credit Price is $0,1.

Payment options:

  • Credit/Debit Cards
  • Brand Name Gift Cards
  • Crypto Currencies
  • Maestro
  • PayPal

Flirt4Free Promo Code

You can find the Flirt4Free code and a lot of different discounts and special offers at the “Promos” page.

Flirt4Free Memberships

There are 4 types of membership: Guest, Basic, Premium, and VIP.

Not registered users have Guest Status.

Registered users with confirmed email addresses have the status of basic members.

Registered, verified users who have added a payment method to their account have the status of premium members.

Registered, verified users who buy the VIP subscription and pay a reoccurring monthly fee have the status of VIP members.

VIP Membership

There are 3 options for VIP membership:

  • 30 Days VIP Membership + 150 Free Credits for $39.95. Renews every 30 days until canceled.
  • 90 Days VIP Membership + 450 Free Credits for $99.95.
  • 180 Days VIP Membership + 900 Free Credits for $179.95.

Both 90-day and 180-day packages are non-recurring, meaning that once the membership expires, it won’t automatically renew.

Benefits of VIP Membership:

  • All VIP members can change the text color of your message into chats to gold or white. You can do it by clicking the VIP button at the top of the home page.
  • All VIP members can send direct (private) messages to performers and using all benefits and abilities of the Flirt4Free messing system.
  • All VIP members get 200 free videos per day and 3 free videos (valued at 120 credits or lower) each month.
  • All VIP members get daily VODs with an archive of 7 days of content (a total of 1,400 videos for access).
  • All VIP members get access to the private room of Flirt4Free Feature Shows. No credits will be deducted from your account since you have a VIP membership. You can find a feature show via the calendar page.
  • All VIP members have unlimited access to recorded shows. The VIP archives contain over 1,000 hours of recorded content.
  • All VIP members have 5% off on all video purchases.
  • All VIP members have access to special promos.
  • All VIP members get a 33-40% discount on Show Pass purchases.
  • All VIP members can manage their screen names.
  • Note: VIP members can only have 5 screen names activate at once and 10 screen names in total.

More information about VIP membership you can find at the page –

Flirt4Free Features

Flirt 4 Free offers a lot of different paid features. I think, “experienced” adult webcam lovers can find something new and interesting for them. Therefore, I’ve decided to describe all the main and paid features in detail.

1. Private Shows. The private show is a one-on-one live video chat with a performer. When the private show is available, the blue “Start Show” button with the CPM (credits per minute) price will be placed beneath the streaming block at a performer’s live room. Click on this button, and a special pop-up will appear. You can choose the “Pay & Play” option or pay with credits. After that, you can start a private show. During a private show, you can chat as normal. Above the chat interface, a countdown timer shows how much time you can enjoy a private show based on your current credit balance.

Note: if a performer enables a voyeur option, some other users will spy on your private show.

Average CPM range for private shows: From 30 to 60 credits per minute

Available options: Cam2Cam, VOD

2. Premiere Shows (Chats)

Premiere Rooms are live rooms with the best Flirt4Free performers. Premiere performers offer the highest quality video and the most impressive live shows. You can initiate a premiere show by clicking the “Start Shows” button at a premiere room page. Premiere shows are similar to private shows. But, unlike the last one premiere shows have a higher CPM price.

Average CPM range for premiere shows: From 70 to 500 credits per minute

Available options: Cam2Cam, VOD

3. Voyeur Mode

When a performer is currently in either a standard private or a premiere show you can spy on this show by using voyeur mode! Audio or text chat isn’t available for voyeurs.

Note: not all performers allow to watch a private & premiere show as a voyeur.

Average CPM range for spy shows: From 10 to 40 credits per minute

4. Combo shows

In this case, performers can offer both Private and Multi-User Shows. If a performer isn’t already in a private show, a user will start or join a multi-user show.

Note: Voyeur mode won’t be available while a performer is in a private show.

Average CPM range for private shows in combo shows: From 60 to 120 credits per minute

Note: The cost of a multi-user show is always 2/3 of the cost of a private show.

Available options: Cam2Cam, VOD

5. Show Offers

The “show offers” feature allows you to negotiate the price of a private show by guaranteeing you will spend a fixed amount of time with a performer. If a performer has this feature, the “Make Me an Offer” button will be placed to the right below a video screen. Click on it and from the dropdown menus, select your cost-per-minute bid, the duration of the show, and a time limit for when your offer expires in the special block that placed in a block with a live chat. Then click Submit Offer. The model will then accept, reject, or counter your proposal.

6. Welcome Day Show

A welcome day show is a special show that is designed to introduce new performers (models) to Flirt4Free users and to showcase their passion and talent. New models who have scheduled a welcome day show will be added to a Flirt4Free Show Calendar. On the day of the show, a link to this show will be promoted at the Flirt4Free home page. Users will then be encouraged to start a private show with this model.

All users will be able to enjoy a model welcome day show. When a model has agreed to go into a private show with a user, a show will start with a 50 CPM rate. Users have the ability to send tips during this show and purchase additional credits.

All VIP users won’t be charged for the first 5 minutes of a private show. After the 5 free minutes, payment with a 50 CPM rate will be charged.

Note: VIP users need to have a minimum of 200 credits in their account balance to get the FREE first 5 minutes of a private show.

7. Feature shows are special live events with our performers such as Model of the Week winners or other talented models. These shows have a discounted price per minute. You can find feature shows via the calendar page or at

Flirt4Free has been recording private and feature shows for years and each month the best clips will be selected which will be available only to VIP users.

Note: VIP users get access to all feature shows for FREE.

Average CPM range for feature shows: 30 credits per minute

Available options: VOD

8. Group Chat

Group Chat is a type of paid where one or more users can pledge credits to help a performer reach a credit goal. Performers set a credit goal, a length of time for a countdown period, and choose a duration of a show that a performer will perform if a goal is achieved. All users who pledge credits during a countdown period will be able to watch a group show once a goal is achieved.

You only need to pledge the minimum amount of credits to book a place at a group show, but you may pledge as much and as many times as you wish. The tips option is disabled during the countdown period and re-enabled once a goal is reached and a show begins.

Note: all other show types are unavailable during both a group chat show and a countdown period. If you leave a Group Chat either by your own decision or due to some problems, you can still re-join a show by going to the performer’s live room page again.

9. Performer Deal Codes

Performers can give users a special deal code. You can use this code to get extra minutes for a private show. There are 2 types of deal codes:

  • Public deal codes that anyone can use.
  • Private deal codes are only available specifically to you.

When you invite a performer to a private show, you will be prompted to “Redeem Deal Code.” Enter the code and then click on “Join Show” to enjoy your extra minutes!

Note: you can only use performer deal codes in a private show.

10. Multi-User Show

A Multi-User chat is a show where multiple users chatting with a performer(s) in a private chat. The per-minute rate of these shows is typically lower than the per-minute rate of private shows. If other users join a multi-user show, they can interact with a performer in the same way you can. You can choose this show only in combo live rooms. When a performer offers multi-user shows, the rate will be placed in the Block with rates next to a private show rate.

Average CPM range for multi-user shows: From 10 to 120 credits per minute

Available options: Cam2Cam, VOD

11. Party Chat

Party chat is a tip-based multi-user chat. There is no charge to enter (FREE to join). This show will end if users aren’t tipping. So, users need to tip consistently to keep a party show going. 

Note: during party chat, the feature of private shows is disabled. The “Start Your Show” and “Tip Me” buttons are replaced by the “Send Party Tip” button.

Available options: VOD

12. Play & Pay

With the Play & Pay option, you don’t need to purchase credits in advance. Your payment account is charged at the end of a private & a multi-user show. Play & Pay will be activated when you add a valid credit/debit card to your payment account. Once a valid card is added, you can choose a Play & Pay option when starting a private & a multi-user show. Currently, you can use Play & Pay in private & multi-user shows or for tipping during these shows at Flirt4Free.

A credit card you have set as your default will be charged for Play & Pay transactions. If this card is not available, then a card you used last to make a purchase will be charged. You can set your daily limit for Play & Pay. You need to set your daily limit to $0 to deactivate a Play & Pay option

Note: Prepaid cards can’t be used for Play & Pay at this time.

Sometimes users who have not used their payment account successfully at Flirt4Free will be required to pay a small access charge to start a private & multi-user show with Play & Pay. The access charge is $4.50, which will be charged to your payment account immediately and is applied as a discount toward your show bill. Information about the access charge will be stated on the start show menu.

For example, if you’re charged the $4.50 access fee at the start of a private show and spend a total of $10.00, the system will charge your card $5.50 after a show.

13. Tips

Flirt4Free allows you to use several preset amounts (between 5 and 100,000 credits) as well as custom amounts for tipping.

You need to have enough credits in your payment account to send tips otherwise you will receive an error.

The block with preset amounts, custom amounts, and a tip flood is placed below a live chat at a performer’s live room. Also, you can send tips by clicking “Send me a Tip” at a performer’s profile page. In this case, you can send tips even a performer is offline.

You can send tips anonymously by choosing this option in the tips block.

14. Tip Flood

A Tip Flood is a fun feature available whenever you send 250 credits or more as a single tip. You can start tip flood by clicking a small “Flood” button in the tips block. When you choose to start a Tip Flood, the Flirt4Free system divides your amount into a series of 7 to 20 individual tips.

15. DMs

Direct messages are limited to registered users with VIP membership. Users can open the messaging system by clicking the “DM” button in the top right corner of your screen, or by clicking a similar button under the block with a live chat at live room pages. The message system works similarly to a “classic” email system. The main exception is that you send and receive emails through Flirt4Free platform. When the performer replies to you the message will show up in your inbox. Also, you can send photos to Flirt4Free performers through the messaging system. Images can be attached through the Attachments field just above the main message body. Each attached file should be no larger than 300KB, and the total number of attachments must not exceed 8MB. Performers can initiate conversations with users who are either in their rooms or are their “favorites.” Only VIPs can respond to messages. You can send DMs to a performer you have already been messaging with at any time.

Note: You can’t send DMs to other users, at this time you can only send/receive DMs from only performers.

16. Submit a review about a performer

A Premium or a VIP member can submit a review about a performer at a performer’s profile page.

17. Cam2Cam

This is a feature that allows users to turn on their webcams and microphones during paid shows. This feature is available for all users. So, a performer will be able to see and hear you during a show. You can stop your camera at any time as well. Most browsers support Cam2Cam. Flirt4Free recommends conducting your Cam2Cam session through Safari, Chrome, or Firefox, as these browsers use WebRTC and require only your permission to access your cam and mic, without downloaded plugins.

Other customers won’t be able to see you. But, if you use a microphone, other users would hear you through a performer’s speakers in Multi-User shows.

Note: VIP users can use the Cam2Cam option during all room states and show types except voyeur shows. All other members can use the Cam2Cam option during private and multi-user shows.

18. Seasonal contests

Seasonal contests are themed around a major holiday or special events and take place over several days. Flirt4Free most popular seasonal contests allow users to send virtual gifts as tips. Performers who collect the most of gifts will earn big cash prizes. Performers can win by ranking in the top 10 in overall gifts and ranking in the top 10 for gifts from unique users. Some of Flirt4Free most popular seasonal contests are: Be My Valentine, The St. Patrick’s Day Celebration, Fiesta de Cinco, The Big Bang July 4th Celebration, and The Halloween Celebration. Rules, requirements, and prizes for seasonal contests can vary. So, it’s important to read a “View all Rules and Regulations” section at the bottom of each contest page for complete details.

19. Flirt Rewards

Flirt Rewards is a loyalty program. This program was created by Flirt4Free to incentivize highly active users with special features and bonuses.

How does it work?

Users earn points when they flirt and interact with Flirt4Free models. You can also earn them by participating in activities at Flirt4Free such as logging in, viewing VODs, daily chatting, replying to performer messages, creating lists of your favorite models, and much more.

Note: you can find more information on how to earn points, and for the specific point value of each activity at the page

Points will unlock special rewards, bonuses, and discounts at Flirt4Free. As you continue using all Flirt4Free features, your lifetime status and current level will increase.

Your Flirt Rewards status is determined by two things:

  • Your Lifetime Status is displayed as a special icon next to your username
  • Your Current Level is the number that is shown inside the icon.

The more points you earn, the higher the Lifetime Status and Current Level will be.

Status & Levels

1. Lifetime Status

Your Lifetime Status is determined by the number of points you earn and shown as a special icon on the navigation bar and in the chat rooms. Models can see your Lifetime Status if you enable this option. Lifetime Status can never go down.

2. Current Level

Your Current Level is determined by your point earnings in the last 365 days. It is shown as a number within your Lifetime Status icon. Your Current Level can move up and down depending on your activity in the past year.

If you spend less than $500, the maximum Lifetime Status you can reach will be “Expert” and the Current Level is “25”. If you spend over $500, the maximum Lifetime Status will be “Legend” and the maximum Current Level raises to “100”.

20. Redeem Flirt Rewards points

To redeem your Flirt Rewards points, you need to visit Flirt4Free Rewards Marketplace –

There, you’ll find all the information you need to redeem points and see all the amazing prizes you can get.

If you want to level up faster, get something special with Rewards points, or simply increase your flirt prestige, you can buy additional rewards points with credits that will appear instantly on your account.

1 credit = 5 Rewards points

21. Power Boost

Flirt4Free system ranks performers based on their Power Score. Performers with a high power score will appear higher at the home page and in category lists. You can spend your Flirt Rewards points to help your favorite performer gain additional exposure and attract new users through a Power Boost.

Every 10 Flirt Rewards points you redeem in this way equals 1 Power Score point.

Note: you can find more information on Power Scores and Power Boosts at the page –

You can access the Power Boost option from a performer’s live room by clicking the “Power Boost” button on the right side of the chat interface. Also, you can use a Power Boost through the Flirt Rewards Marketplace, or through the Power Score information page –

22. Virtual Gifs

You can choose, buy, and send a suitable gift in the tips block at the performer’s live room or at the page I recommend using the page Because you can get all the necessary information about different virtual gifts includes prices with credits and Flirt Rewards Points.

After selecting a virtual gift, you have 2 options to buy it.

  • Buy a virtual gift with credits.
  • Buy a virtual gift with Flirt Rewards Points.

23. Feel Connect devices

You can control models’ sex toys (except Flixband) with tips at any time, including public shows. The higher amount of a tip, the longer and more intense the vibration on the model’s device. Only Lovense sex toys can be controlled by tips.

If you want that a model to be able to control your sex toy (device) or vice versa, you will need to be in a private show for one-on-one interactivity. Performers who have special devices for “2-Way Interactive” can control devices of multiple users at the same time. In this case, a model can control multiple users’ compatible sex toys in any show except private shows.

Different devices (sex toys) from different manufacturers have varying capabilities. Sex toys such as Lovense, Bloom, Ditto, Esca, Jive, Nova, OhMiBod, Pivot, Rave, Sync, Verge, and Wish are available at Flirt4Free.

Some can be controlled by tips, some can be controlled by either compatible devices or tips (1-way Interactive) and others can be controlled by tips, but also have the ability to control and be controlled by compatible devices (2-way Interactive).

The Onyx is a male masturbator which can send and receive signals from performers who have a compatible device, such as a Pearl or Pearl2. The Pearl/Pearl2 device is a dildo/vibrator which has sensors to recognize touch.

Usually Feel Connect devices are devices made by Kiiroo, We-Vibe, and OhMiBod. You can control a Feel Connect model’s device in a private chat only.

24. Flixband

A Flixband is an interactive bracelet that can be used to control any of Flirt4Free supported interactive devices. When you or the model wear this bracelet and move your hand up and down, the other person’s compatible device will react accordingly.

25. Flirt Phone

The “Flirt Phone” option allows you to talk to performers one-on-one over your phone during a private show, and even connect with them when they’re offline.

Note: not all performers have this option.

26. Flirt SMS

Flirt SMS is a new Flirt4Free feature that allows users to communicate with performers on their mobile phones via text.

Note: you can find more information on how to use a Flirt SMS feature at the page – Not all performers have this option.

27. Fan Clubs

Joining a performer’s fan club is a way to support your favorite performers. A fan club membership gives you some benefits and discounts. You can join a performer’s fan club by clicking a “Join Fan Club” button at a live room page. The chat panel will be replaced with membership details, credit cost, and a link to join.

If a performer offline, you can join a fan club by clicking a “” button in the left-hand sidebar at a performer’s profile page.

Fan club members’ benefits:

  • Discounted private show rates.
  • Discounted prices for Video on Demand (VOD).
  • Access to a performer’s personalized website.
  • Access to exclusive content.
  • A distinct chat text color.
  • Access to a performer’s “Members Only” shows.

28. Whisper Messages

Whisper messages are messages sent from users privately to a performer. Only registered users can send whisper messages.

How to Whisper on Flirt4Free?

You need to use the following syntax to send a whisper message:


29. Counter Offer

Performers can make counter offers to your show offers. They are able to adjust the duration and CPM of a private (offer) show. When a performer makes a counter offer you will see a form pop up that allows you to review the changes. After that, you can accept, decline this offer, or make your own counter offer.

Your counter offer works similar to your initial offer, with the exception that you can’t adjust the expiration time. Counter offers can continue until either you or a performer accept or decline an offer, or the expiration time elapses.

30. Model Pass

You can buy access to video packages through Model Pass. If a performer has created video packages, you will see them at the top of a performer VOD page. Packages may contain from 5 to 50 videos. Performers can sell video packages for 24-hour access, 7-day access, or 30-day access. After you purchase access to packages, you can find videos from packages at the My Collection page. But these videos will appear individually, not as a package. The time count-down of your access will display in the corner of each video thumbnail. You can also use a filter to find your Model Pass videos. Videos in Model Pass packages won’t be purged as long as a package is active.

31. Purge

The Purge is the process of deleting old videos from Flirt4Free. Videos can only be saved if:

  • Videos have been purchased with credits.
  • A Director maintains VIP status.

32. Director’s Vault

The Director’s Vault contains videos of private sessions that you directed with a performer. When one of your videos is purchased, you earn credits. Prices for these videos are still set by the performer, but you earn 10% of a video price when it is sold. If you have made a purchase at Flirt4Free within 90 days, and someone buys a video that you directed, then 10% of a video price sale will be added as credits to your account. These credits will be available for you to use within 48 hours.

In order to earn credit and notoriety as a Director on these videos, there are two requirements:

  • These videos need to be shared and made public by you and the performer.
  • You need to remain active by having made a purchase at Flirt4Free within 90 days from the day that videos earn you credits.

33. Show Pass

Show Pass is a special membership that provides you with access to thousands of videos each month. Each week, videos rotate to present new videos.

You can purchase a 24-hour pass for $14.99 to get access to videos that are available that week or a 30-day pass for $49.99 (Renews every 30 days until canceled.) to access 4x the amount of videos for the month. These memberships are recurring subscriptions, providing you with FREE access to even more videos for the following months.

Show Pass videos are identifiable by the lock or unlock symbol on a video thumbnail. All available show pass videos you can find at the Show Pass Page or while browsing other video pages. If you see the unlock symbol on a video thumbnail, your subscription is active and you can view any of those videos without purchase.

34. Flirt4Free Video & Custom Videos

Performers can upload custom videos and make these videos available to specific users only. If a model makes a custom Flirt4Free video for you, you will find it at the My Collection page. It will be identified with a Custom flag.

A custom video will be available for a limited amount of time. So, if you do not purchase a video, it will eventually disappear. Custom videos can only be purchased with credits (no Flirt Rewards Points or passes). There is no guarantee that a custom video will remain exclusive to you or has the same price in which you purchased it. There is always a possibility that the video may appear at any time with any price at Flirt4Free.

35. Buying private videos

To find the cost of paid videos, you need to visit the Flirt4Free video playback page. The cost will be specified in the info below a Flirt4Free video.

Discounts to Fan club and VIP members are applied to the price listed. To determine how you can pay for a video, click the Play Video button on a video player. Your payment options will be listed in the purchase box.

Note: that videos valued at more than 120 credits cannot be accessed with passes. Uploaded and custom-priced videos cannot be accessed with Flirt Rewards Points or passes.

36. Videos section & VODs

Videos On Demand (VODs) are available for you in the video section at Flirt4Free. In most cases, when a paid show happens Flirt4Free system automatically records a video and audio, making it available for later viewing in the Videos section.

You can watch all the available recorded shows by most Flirt4Free users, created from chat shows, and model-upload videos in this section.

Paid videos can be purchased and added to My Collection (found under My Content) for repeat viewing. Also, there are a lot of FREE videos in this section.

Flirt4Free App

There isn’t an official Flirt4Free app for IOS or Android. But, Flirt4Free is fully optimized for mobile devices. So, you can easily use almost all the website’s features from your smartphone or tablet.

How to earn money on Flirt4Free?

There are 2 ways to make money at Flirt4Free.

Working as Flirt4Free cam model

Flirt4Free offers good conditions to work as a cam model.

Benefits of Flirt4Free:

  • Award-Winning Company
  • Over 20 years of industry leadership
  • Privacy blocking = secure environment
  • 24/7 live tech support
  • Flirt4Free drives traffic to you
  • Contests, Getaways and Daily Prizes

The main requirement – a new model must be 18 years of age or older with a valid photo ID.

How much can you earn?

To begin the application process, you need to fill out a special form at the page –

Working as Flirt4Free webmaster

The Flirt4Free affiliate program allows webmasters to receive rewards for attracted new users. The main information about the Flirt4Free affiliate program is available at the website Available such options of the Flirt4Free affiliate program:
  • Rev Share – 20%-30%;
  • CPA.

Sites like Flirt4Free

Unlike other popular cam sites, Flirt4Free offers users a lot of unique features. In my opinion, not one cam site doesn’t have so much different features & paid features. But, other cam websites offer other interesting and unique features with lower prices.

So, I’ve made a list of sites like Flirt4Free. These websites have quite similar prices and offer similar or unique features. So, you can use these sites with or instead of Flirt4Free:

Conclusion about Flirt4Free

Flirt4Free is a premium cam website that offers a lot of unique free & paid features at affordable prices. Also, you can get 120 FREE credits by adding a valid credit/debit card. But, the Flirt4Free interface could be quite difficult for new users, especially for users who has never used cam sites. Also, a lot of features is a big plus, but for new users, it would be quite difficult to understand how to find and use them. To solve this problem, I’ve prepared this extended Flirt 4 Free guide where you can find information about almost all features and how to use them.

So, I recommend visiting Flirt4Free, this popular cam website can give you a lot of new experience both for new users and users with some experience with cam sites.

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