MyFreeCams Review 2021

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  • Huge interface & chat customization options
  • MyFreeCams has the extended guide "MyFreeCams Wiki"
  • A lot of different free & paid features
  • A lot of hot English-speaking cam girls
  • Fixed prices for private shows
  • Lack of ads
  • Huge community
  • Ability to resize a block with the live show
  • All private shows are automatically recorded and saved forever at the Archives page
  • Great opportunity to make money as a webcam model
  • Some models provide streaming with low quality (480p or lower)
  • Only female models are available
  • Quite difficult and "old school" website design
  • The price for private shows is quite high
  • Available only 3 types of MyFreeCams token packages
  • A lot of models block a public chat for guests and users that has "Basic membership"
  • Many options aren't available for users with "Basic membership"
  • Restriction for some regions and purchase limits
MyFreeCams still one of the best cam sites that offers you a lot of features and interface customization opportunities. I used a lot of different cam sites, but MyFreeCams has given me some new experiences. The website has some weaknesses (the biggest one is only female models are available for users). Also, "old school" and sometimes difficult design could raise some difficulty, especially for new users. But I recommend using MyFreeCamas for new users and users with experience in adult webcams.

Table of Contents

MyFreeCams aka MFC holds a leading position among the best cam websites, especially in the US. MyFreeCams’s popularity decreased slightly due to increased competition in the webcam industry. But despite this is very popular among millions of users. The monthly attendance of the site is more than 75 million and continues to grow. Therefore, I decided to make a detailed MyFreeCams Review understand the secret of the enduring popularity of MFC and whether MyFreeWebcam is worth your time and money?

What is MyFreeCams?

MyFreeCams aka Free Cams is a huge online webcam network (platform). There are thousands of live shows are available for users 24/7. MyFreeCams was launched in 2004. Along with LiveJasmin, MFC Cam was one of the first websites that offer webcam performances in real-time. The age and popularity of the website demonstrate a high level of user credibility and helps to understand that MFC isn’t a scam.

MyFreeCam has got various awards and has been included in various ratings. In 2010, INDUSTRY GROUP XBIZ described the site as “One of the World’s Largest Adult Webcam Communities”. In 2014, the website took the 344 place in the list of the most visited websites.

MyFreeCams awards:

  • XBIZ AWARDS 2017
  • Adult Site of the Year — Live Cam (North America)
  • XBIZ AWARDS 2013
  • Live Cam Site of the Year 2013 Winners
  • XBIZ AWARDS 2012
  • Live Cam Site of the Year 2012 Winners
  • XBIZ AWARDS 2011
  • Live Cam Site of the Year 2011 Winners
  • Best Ebony Cam Model to Ariana Gray on

The website name “MyFreeCams” implies that the website positions itself as “Free Cams” or “Website That Offers More Free Features to Our Guests and Members of Than Any Other Webcam Site.” Does MyFreeWebcam really offer visitors and a user a lot of free features?

You can use MyFreeWebcam absolutely free and spending money is always optional. But it is important to understand that you can use almost any cam website free! Free features at aren’t much different from the free features at other cam sites.

I’ve used MFC for several months. I didn’t see any special “free features”. But there are a few unique free features at

When you first visit MyFreeCams, you will automatically log in as a guest and given a random username like “Guest12365”.

You can watch Public Live Shows without any time (duration) limits (some cam sites limits the duration of public live shows for unregistered users), as well as write PMs (private messages) to models.

Note: a lot of models prohibit PMs from unregistered visitors at MFC.

It is also worth noting that MyFreeCams offers some additional free features for registered users.

When you complete the registration process, you will get access to the following MyFreeCams Free Features:

  • Public Chat Rooms
  • Communication with models and other users in public chats
  • Free videos and photos
  • The ability to write messages in public chats
  • The ability to leave comments at model’s profile pages
  • The ability to rate model & admire model at model’s profile pages
  • The ability to customize of interface & profile
  • The ability to make some notes about models
  • The ability to send MFC mail (MFC’s internal mail service)
  • The ability to add models & other users to your friend list
  • The ability to bookmark model
  • The ability to upload photos
  • The ability to receive notifications

All other features are paid features. Additional information about paid features you can find in the appropriate section below.

Let’s take a look at the several main features which make MFC a little different in comparison with other popular cam sites.

  • MyFreeCams is an American website. Unlike other cam websites, the main part of the MFC models is hot English-speaking my free cam girls from the USA. Therefore, MyFreeWebcam has huge popularity among English-speaking users. My Free Cams is very popular in countries such as the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia. MFC Cam is also quite popular in countries such as Spain and France.
  • Only my free cam girls are available at You won’t find such popular categories of performers as Male, Couples, or Shemale, which are available on other cam sites. If this is a problem for you, you can choose another website. But the number of hot cam girls is incredible.
  • Extended interface customization features.

Let’s consider the interface, functionality, and ability of customization in more detail.

MyFreeCams Interface

When you first visit the site, you will see caution that “MyFreeCams is an Adult Webcam Community” and “IT Contains Adult-Oriented, Age-Restricted Content.” Therefore, you will need to accept or decline it. This step is used to verify that new users are of legal age to be viewing adult content. Therefore, the website works under existing US legislation for adult content.

The design of MyFreeCams could look like an “old school design” for new users. Yes, the design of MyFreeCams hasn’t changed for many years, and he looks like an «old school design». But the developers constantly add new features. In addition, you have a large number of options for interface customization.

For me, it has become a big plus, since the capabilities of the customization at many other cam sites are limited. I managed to create an interface that is 100% suitable for me using customization options at But such settings and the initial interface may be complex for new users. So, I’ve made a detailed description of the interface and how to customize it.

Home Page Interface

After confirming that you are over the age of 18, you will go to the home page.

The home page consists of 4 large blocks: the nav & footer menu, the block with model’s preview blocks, the right block that includes different helpful blocks for users and can be customized (you can add & delete blocks or change the position of some blocks), and the block with list settings.

The nav & footer menu and right custom block have a sticky position (these blocks will always be in the fixed position). When you scroll the page, these blocks are always available for you. For me, this is a big plus, since you always have access to the sorting and customization parameters that you need.

The nav menu aka top banner.

The MyFreeCams’s nav menu is slightly different from the navigation menus that are used at other cam sites.

There is the “Hide” button that allows you to collapse the nav menu (without the sign-in form) and the “Up-Hide” button to deploy the nav menu on the top left side near the MyFreeCams logo.

There are the sign-in form and links to the 3 main pages on the top right side. You also have the option to log in using your Google account or Twitter account.

Main pages: homepage, tour, create a free account. The tour page is a quick guide on a few of the many features and options available at

It is also worth noting that MyFreeCams has an extensive guide that you can use to learn all features of the website in detail –

Also, there is a block with settings and customization parameters for the model’s preview blocks on the right side under the nav menu. There are a few buttons and information about the number of models who are online (the first number) in this block.

The “Models” button opens the block that includes some links. These links using for fast navigation in the massive model’s preview blocks. You can skip some positions (for example, you can skip the first 300 positions) or select from the general list of models who are located in Public Rooms, Group Shows, MyFreeCams Private Shows, Club Shows.

The block with settings and customization parameters for the model’s preview blocks:

1. Selecting the main image in the model’s preview blocks. The following options are available:

  • Avatars is the option selected by default. In this case, there are displayed thumbnails (avatars) of models in these blocks.
  • Previews (live previews). If you choose this option, the model’s live shows will be displayed in these blocks. Live previews will be always active in some blocks. But, some live previews will be started only when you move your mouse cursor to these blocks. You also have the ability to set the number of live previews per second (initially 10 / s) that be always active.
  • Avatar overplay is the overlay of the model’s thumbnail on the live preview or vice versa. It all depends on what you initially selected avatar or preview. For comfortable use of this option, I recommend choosing a large size of model’s preview blocks.

2. Changing the size of the grid of the model’s preview blocks. There are 2 options for the size of the grid: small and large. The small grid size is selected by default.

For me personally, a large grid of blocks is much more comfortable.

3. The “Menu links” button. This button allows you to enable and disable the block with links in the model’s preview blocks.

Chat will take you to the model’s Chat Room.

Popup will open the Chat Room in a pop-up window.

PM will open a Private Message window (with Webcam).

A profile will open the model’s Profile.

A menu will open the model’s menu, which contains a lot of useful links and information.

4. The “Settings” button. This button opens a block of basic settings, sorting, and display parameters. It opens on top of the main website content and can be opened anywhere. This is a plus for me. There is a similar block at the bottom of the page.

The main blocks of the “Settings” block:

– Show at the top of the model list – allows you to select which models will be at the top of the model list.

– Highlighted Rooms – allows you to select icons and colors which will be used to highlight models by some parameters in the general list.

Models may be highlighted by various colors at

  • Pink: Models from your friends’ list.
  • Green: “Model you may like” based on your inputs.
  • Blue: One of the most popular rooms.
  • Orange: One of the trending rooms.
  • Gray: One of your recently visited rooms.
  • Peach: On your bookmarked models list.
  • Yellow: Model you are currently viewing.

I recommend leaving the parameters of this block by default.

– Filter By Region – allows you to show, hide, show at the top of the models of a certain region.

– Ability to set the number of days after registration. In accordance with this, the model will be indicated as a “New model”. It is 7 days by default.

– Display Type – this block includes parameters for settings and customization of the model’s preview blocks. Similar to the block that is placed under the nav menu and has been described above.

– Sort models by – allows you to select a parameter for model sorting. The models are sorted by the CamScore parameter by default.

You can sort by the following parameters:

  • CamScore
  • Number of People
  • Alphabetically
  • Order Logged In
  • Newest on Site
  • Random

You can also choose to show models first in public chat or not. I recommend leaving this parameter by default.

– Show which models – allows you to choose which models to show. “All models” is selected by default.

But you can set showing of models who are in:

  • Friends / Bookmarked
  • Public Chat
  • Highlighted rooms

I recommend leaving this parameter by default.

– Selecting the type of pagination. The following options are available:

  • Dynamic Scroll – blocks of models are loaded when scrolling.
  • Multiple Pages – “classic” pagination.

I personally prefer using Multiple Pages.

– Model list refresh rate – allows you to set the time for updating the list of models. 30 seconds is selected by default and this is the best option.

– Show if Guests can chat? – allows you to display models who have a public chat that available for Guests. No is selected by default.

– Show Text List link at the top? – allows you to display text links at the top. No is selected by default. I recommend leaving this parameter by default.

– Model list has a separate scroll bar? – allows you to disable or enable the sticky position for the nav & footer menu, as well as the right block. Yes, is selected by default. I left this parameter by default since this option is the most convenient for me.

How it looks like when the parameter “No” is selected

How it looks like when the parameter “Yes” is selected

5. The “Search field” is used to search all models by username, topic, model tag, and news feed post.

6. The New Models link. When you click on this link, only new models will be showed.

7. The Pause button. This button allows you to pause the automatic refreshing of the model’s list. Also, you can click the refresh icon next to it to Refresh the list manually.

Personally, I use the following option for the home page:

The user's block on the right

The main sorting and filtering parameters are located in the “Settings” block. In addition to this block, the additional customized user’s block on the right will be available to you.

This block can be hidden by clicking the “Hide” button or customized by clicking the “Customize” button. When this block is hidden, the main website space will be occupied by blocks with the model’s preview blocks. This makes the process of finding a suitable model more convenient. In addition, you can always expand this block by clicking the “Menu ->” button.

I recommend customizing this block as it allows you to add useful blocks. To do this, you need to go to the customization mode by clicking the “Customize” button. The customization mode looks like this.

There are blocks that can be added or removed from the general block. You can also control the positions of these blocks.

In addition, the option to select Private Message Options (I recommend leaving it by default) and the option to hide or open the nav menu (top banner; similar to the “Hide” button in the upper left corner of the nav menu) are available for you. There is also the link “Default” to return the default settings in customization mode.

Let’s take a closer look at which blocks are available and which ones are best added to the general user’s block. This block contains such blocks as “Combined panel”, “Menu”, “Online Friends”, “Bookmarks” by default.

Personally, I do not like the “Combined panel” block, since it is very large and partially similar to the “Menu” block. Therefore, I remove this block from the general block.

But the “Menu” block is very important since it contains links to important pages, such as: Most Popular Rooms, Trending Rooms, Miss MyFreeCams, Model Explorer, Tags Topics, News Feed, My Account, Personal Options, Profiles, Room History, Member Tags, Member Rooms.

You can also leave the blocks “Online Friends” and “Bookmarks”.

Hidden Blocks: Models You May Like, Tags & Topics, Custom Selections, Miss MyFreeCams, Most Popular Rooms, Trending Rooms, Recently Visited.

For me personally, such blocks as Models You May Like, Miss MyFreeCams, Most Popular Rooms, Trending Rooms, Recently Visited are too large. In addition, the “Menu” block contains links to pages that are an alternative to these blocks. There is more information on the main pages and it’s easier for me to go to a separate landing page than use huge blocks.

For example, the “Models You May Like” block looks like this

It is also notable that these blocks in the general block can be hidden and opened only when you need them. Therefore, if you need any of these blocks, you can use them, just do not forget to collapse them. So, these blocks do not take up much screen space. To do this, there are special buttons: the “+” button (collapsed block) or the “-” button (expanded block). The blocks that I recommend adding are “Tags & Topics” and “Custom Selections”. The Tags & Topics block allows you to sort all models by tags. There is no usual sorting by categories, there is only sorting by tags at the MyFreeCams. Block “Custom Selections” is a unique option that available only at Custom Selections is a tool that lets you create multiple search profiles, and then receive a notification when a model who matches your search criteria is available at the website. You can read more about this tool in the official guide –

My home page interface looks like this

Model’s preview blocks

Information about how to set up the model’s preview blocks you can find above. In this section, I would like to describe some of the features of these blocks in comparison with the “classic” model’s preview blocks at other cam sites.

Regardless of whether you have turned on or off the “Menu Links” option in the block under the nav menu, the special button will be available for you on the lower right corner of each model’s preview block. The block with short model info and some helpful links (include links to interact with the model) will be opened by clicking this special button.

Note: Sometimes it can be difficult to find this button. When you use the small grid size of blocks, you won’t see this button.

Let’s take a closer look at the block with short model info and some helpful links.

This block divided into 2 different sections.

1. The first section (left side section).

There are links to the model’s profile and to the live chat room with a preview in a small block at the top. Below there is short information about the model with links to some internal pages (include links to pages by tags), links to the model’s social networks (if the model has some), and new model images.

2. The second section (right side section).

The block with various useful links that helps you interact with the model (available links will be highlighted in blue color):

  • Chat Room [Popup] – allows you to go to the Live Chat Room page that will be open in a separate window (pop-up window).
  • Private Message [no cam] – allows you to open only a chat to send a Private Message (“no cam” option) or the chat with the video player with the live show streaming in a separate window (pop-up window).
  • Big Webcam – allows you to open only the video player with the live show streaming in a separate window (pop-up window).
  • Send MFC Mail

MFC Mail

MFC Mail is an internal mail system located in your personal menu which you can use to send longer messages to models and to other members. Your MFC Mail account will save all of your sent and received messages, and you can see if the recipients have viewed your messages. Color code: Row Highlighted Yellow: Unread Row Highlighted Pink: Offline Tip (Automatically sent by MyFreeCams) Row Highlighted Green: From an Administrator (Official MFC Mail) Username is Bold: From a Friend. Username Highlighted Yellow: Sender is currently Online. Shows Avatar in front of Username: From a Model. E-Mail Notifications: If Enabled, we will send you an e-mail notification to your regular account e-mail address if you have any new unread MFC Mails in the last 24 hours. These e-mail notifications are not instant and are only sent out once a day if you have any new unread MFC Mails. If you do not receive them in your inbox, please check your spam folder.
  • Standard links and buttons: View Full Profile, Chat Log / Archives, Add Notes, Add Online Notifications, Add Friend, Bookmark Model, Hide Model, Ignore User.

When you move your mouse cursor to the model’s preview block, you will see the camera icon in the upper right corner.

If you move your mouse cursor to this camera icon, you will see the block that 3 sections: model’s username + some short info, the room topic, screen with the live preview of the model’s live chat room page. I recommend using this option when searching for a suitable model.

It is also worth noting that you have the option to select the “Dark Theme” mode. Personally, I like the light theme more.

MyFreeCams model pages (live chat rooms)

After choosing a suitable model, you can go to the model’s live chat room. It is also worth noting that models have 2 different pages at

The first page is a model’s live chat room page. These are the main pages of the website that all live shows, live chats, and all paid features are available at these pages.

The second page is the model’s profile page. You can find out all the information about the model, rate the model, admire the model, add the model as a friend, see the model’s photos and videos, and also leave a comment about the model at these pages. I really like it when the website has a separate page for the model profile. Since it is much more convenient than if the model’s profile is merged with the live chat room.

Model’s live chat room page has many settings. Therefore, I have made a detailed overview of the interface, as well as customization options of this page.

Similar to many other cam sites, when you go to the model’s live chat room, the first thing you see are the two main and largest blocks.

The first block is a block with live show streaming. Also, there are some buttons (similar to the classic video player) that allow you to go to full-screen mode, change the audio volume and the streaming quality in this block. Unlike many other sites, MyFreeWebcam has quite extensive options for adjusting the streaming quality.

The second block is the block with the live chat. The chat is divided into two sections by default: the chat field and the list of users. You can collapse the block with the users’ list by clicking the [-] button to make the chat look more “classic”.

Like many other popular cam sites, you have the ability to set up (customize) the chat by clicking on “Options” or by going to “Personal Options”. But basic members don’t have the ability to change the font type and font color. This option is available only for premium members.

MyFreeCams chat features

1. Special chat commands. When you enter these commands, various actions will be implemented. You can learn more about the commands in the chat in this manual –

2. MFC Image Library

There are thousands of images that members have uploaded to the Chat Image Library. They each have a shortcut. For example, if you type “: lol” in a chatroom that shortcut will display that image from the Image Library.

Users can upload images from their local storages directly into the chat or use images from Image Library, add images to MFC Image Library, add links to images into the chat.

3. It is also worth noting that the MyFreeCams chat has a big amount of different settings. For me personally, it is an advantage.

You can manually resize the video player (the block with live show streaming) and also choose its position relative to the chat’s block. A similar option can be seen at Chaturbate.

Changing the size of the video player. It is important to understand that the video player and the live chat’s block are related and when you change the size of the video player, the live chat’s block will be resized too. To resize the video, drag the The icon icon on the right side of the video to the right or left.

Choosing the video player position. There are 4 standard options for video player position. These options are placed in a special block displayed in the screenshot below.

The following options are available:

  • Overplay
  • Reset (big/small)
  • Off
  • Hide – this option hides the video player and you can see and use only live chat.

The selected option will be highlighted in yellow.

Under this block, there is a block with paid options (tip, go private, group show); special buttons using to add a model to friends, to add model to bookmarks, and turn on the model’s notification; links that help you change live rooms; the link to the model’s profile page and the link “Menu” to open the block with short model info and some helpful links (this block was described above).

Below the 2 main blocks is an additional large block that can be customized using special presets. But these presets can be different for each model.

The following presets are available:

1. Models online

This option is selected by default. In this case, model’s live preview blocks and some buttons for setting that similar to blocks and buttons at the home page will be placed in this block.

2. RoomToAvoid’s profile

When this option is selected, the model’s profile page will be placed in this block.

3. RoomToAvoid’s whiteboard

When this option is selected, the model’s whiteboards will be placed in this block. Models or assigned editors can publish various information on these whiteboards. For example, this could be a tip menu.

4. Notes

When this option is selected, a large field for writing notes about the model will be placed in this block.

Model's MFC Share

When this option is selected, the model’s MFC Share profile will be placed in the block.

It is also worth noting that MyFreeCams has an additional subdomain – . MFC Share is a platform to connect with members while a model offline. Models can host images and videos in albums and can receive tips for albums, other items, polls, and more. Only models may upload content. Premium MFC members can “like” and “follow” models, leave comments on albums and blog posts, and vote in the polls. You can get more about this platform in the special guide –

Also, there are 3 buttons for some settings.

The first button allows you to collapse a large block under the video player.

The second button enables and disables the ability to scroll inside the block below. The Single Scroll mode is selected by default. In this case, scrolling occurs inside the block without scrolling the entire page. Therefore, the video player and the live chat block will always be in the same position.

When you disable Singel Scroll mode and enable Single page mode, you can scroll the page in a similar way as a single page.

I recommend using default settings.

The third button can be used to open the model’s profile page, MFC Share page, model’s whiteboard, notes page in a separate tab. The button’s link changes according to the selected preset. For example, if the Model’s MFC Share preset is selected, you will go to the model’s MFC Share page by clicking this button.

I recommend doing all settings and customization of the interface only after registration. In this case, all your settings will be saved for your profile.

MyFreeCams registration

The registration process is very simple and does not take much of your time at You need to enter username, password, email to complete the first step of the registration process. After that, you need to verify your email address and complete the registration process by clicking the verification link in the e-mail. So, it is important to enter a valid email address. You also have the option of log in with your Google or Twitter account.

After that, you will be asked to buy packages of tokens to receive a premium membership, as well as use paid features. You can do it or skip this step and buy tokens later.

MyFreeCams Prices

Myfreecams tokens are used as the internal currency to pay for various paid features. MyFreeCams tokens are sold in standard packages.

The following packages of MyFreeCams tokens are available for purchase:

  • 200 Tokens for $ 19.99 (~ $ 0.10 per token) (Free Upgrade to Premium Status)
  • 550 Tokens for $ 49.99 (~ $ 0.09 per token) (Free Upgrade to Premium Status)
  • 900 Tokens for $ 74.99 (~ $ 0.08 per token) (Free Upgrade to Premium Status)

MFC token price is ~ $ 0.10. This is a good price, but many popular cam sites have a similar price for 1 token. Therefore, the MFC token cost is average, this price isn’t high, but isn’t very low.

The main currency for buying MyFreeCams tokens is dollars. But you can pay in other currencies using conversion. When converted, the price for a package of tokens may differ!

I didn’t like that there are only 3 options of token packages available. Many sites like MyFreeCams have more token packages options.

Payment options

You can choose from 2 main payment processors:

  • Epoch (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, PayPal)

* Your card will be billed as * mfcxyinc.

  • CCBill (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Sepa Bank Transfer)

Also, depending on the region and additional payment options may be available to you. You can get more detailed information about all available payment options at the page –

Also, all the necessary information about billing is available at

After you purchase tokens for the first time, your account will be instantly upgraded to Premium status absolutely free.

Purchase Limits

To help minimize overspending and fraud, MyFreeCams has limits on the number of money members can spend in a period of time.

A new member might be able to buy tokens once or twice per day, and some larger token packages may be unavailable.

As members spend more time and money at, their limits are gradually increased.

There are a few ways to increase your limits faster:

Go to the “My Account” page and go to the Purchase Limits section. Follow the instructions in this section.

After that Contact Support and ask them to review your account for a limit increase.

MyFreeCams memberships

There are 2 types of memberships at

1. Basic Member. When you complete the registration and confirm your email address, you get this status.

Users with the “Basic Member” status has a number of restrictions:

  • A lot of models prohibit writing messages for users with “basic member” status in public live chats. Therefore, when you try to write a message, you will see the following warning – “Basic members have been temporarily muted by the model”. For me personally, this is a big minus. Since, after registration, you have the opportunity to write messages in the public live chat at other popular cam sites. PMs are also available after registration for free at some cam websites.
  • You cannot use paid features.
  • Some customization options are not available. For example, changing the font size and font color for the chat.

2. Premium Member. When you buy the package of MyFreeCams tokens the first time, you will automatically get MyFreeCams Premium FREE for life. After that, you will have access to all features of MyFreeCams, including paid features.

MyFreeCams features & MyFreeCams Cost

After you buy MyFreeCams tokens and get the “Premium Member” status, you will have access to the following paid live shows and paid features:

  1. MyFreeCams Private Shows.

Premium members MyFreeCam with tokens may click the “Go Private” button in a model’s chat room or private message window to invite a model into a Private Live Show. Models may accept or decline your invitation. If the model accepts, the private show will start. The member and model will be moved from the public chat room to a new private chat room. When you run out of tokens a private show automatically ends. Also, the member and model can end the show at any time. All your private shows are recorded and available for you to watch again in your “Archives” section, absolutely free.

Other members have the opportunity of watching a private show!

The private show cost 1 token per second or 60 tokens per minute. For example, if you want to stay in private for 10 minutes, you’ll need 600 tokens.

  1. Spy / Voyeur Shows.

While a model is in a private show with another member, you have the opportunity of watching this show. But you won’t have access to the private chat between a model and a member in a private.

Spy / Voyeur Show costs 1 token per 3 seconds or 20 tokens per minute.

The Spying option is disabled for TruePrivate Shows.

  1. TruePrivate Shows.

If a member doesn’t want others to be able to spy on his private show, he can activate the TruePrivate option in the My Account page or in the Private Settings section.

Private shows cost ~1,3 tokens per second or 80 tokens per minute. The higher rate helps offset the money lost by the model since no one else can pay to spy on a private show.

  1. Group Shows.

A Group Show is like a private show. But other members can join this show at any time.

Click the “Group Show” button to initiate or join a Group Show request.  Once at least 3 members are joining a Group Show, the model will be invited to accept the Group Show. If she accepts, the Group Show will start. Members can join and leave this show at any time. The Group Show ends when either the last member leaves or the model decides to end it.

Group Show costs 1 token every 6 seconds or 10 tokens per minute. This is a quite low price, which is why members are encouraged to Tip a model in a Group Show, especially for personal requests.

Many models disable group shows. Click the button “Models” and choose “Group Shows” to sort models by this parameter at the MyFreeCam home page.

  1. Club Shows.

A Club Show is similar to a Group Show, except it doesn’t cost any tokens per minute.

But you need to buy a model’s Club access on her MFC Share in order to be able to enter the room and watch the show.

For different Club Show, the model can specify which of her MFC Share Club(s) get access. Once a Member joins one of those Clubs, they have instant access to a club show.

         6. Lounge.

The Lounge is a special chat room only for premium members. Guests, basic members, and models are not allowed inside.

The Lounge icon is always listed as the last model in the model list or in your Personal Menu a the top-right.

It is a fun and friendly place to chat with other members. Administrators may visit the Lounge to chat with members and get feedback.

Models cannot see who is watching from the Lounge, and cannot see what members type in the Lounge.

Everyone in the Lounge can watch a different model at any time. The rotation is not synchronized between members.

The Lounge offers unique controls where members can automatically or manually browse through all of the live models on the site.


  1. Tips.

Sending a Tip means donating (transferring) some number of tokens to a model.

All models have a tip menu. A tip menu is a special price list that describes the dependence of the number of tips and actions that the model will perform. You can find this menu on a public chat, whiteboard page, model’s profile page or click the button “Tip Menu” in a public chat.

Also, tips can be used to control the model’s lush lovense (vibrator) or achieve some tips goals.

Tip Options

When tipping, there are lots of options you can choose from:

Display this tip in the chat room. If checked, then your tip will be shown in the public chat room like: “Member123 tipped 10 tokens to Model456”. If unchecked, the tip will not be shown in the chat room for other members to see.

Anonymous tip. If checked, then your tip will be sent from “Anonymous” rather than from your username. The identity of the tipper will be secret. Minimum anonymous tip is 5 tokens.

Message to the model (optional) This will send a message to the model along with your tip.

Also, display the message above in the chat room. If checked, then the message to the model above will also be sent to the public chat room.

Other bits of advice:

Your tip options above are automatically remembered from your previous tip.

You can send multiple consecutive tips by clicking the “Click here to Confirm & Tip Again” link at the bottom of the tip confirmation screen.

You can tip straight from the chat room or PM by typing /tip in the chat, explained with other Chat Commands further down this page.

Use Chat Commands for even more Tip Options such as Silent Tipping (no tip sound!)

  1. PM’s.
Premium Members can send Private Messages or PMs to models or other members. You can also view the webcam right in the Private Message window by clicking View Webcam at the top. Re-size the window to change size of the video. And you can have multiple open PMs, watching different webcam feeds in each one
  1. Paid content at
You can buy private photos, videos, access to model’s club, access to model’s social media link, buy items for a model, buy collections by tokens at
  1. Reward Points.
For every 10 tokens you purchase, you will receive 1 Reward Point. As you get more Reward Points, certain options and features on the website will become available to your account. Models are able to see your Reward Point total unless you hide it in your “My Account” privacy settings. Your Reward Points never expire and never get used up. MyFreeCams forward to offering more features that will utilize Reward Points. Reward Points cannot be transferred to any other username, even if it belongs to you.
  1. Start My Webcam.
You can turn on your own webcam at any time and share it with models or other members, absolutely free. Just click the “Start My Webcam” button in your Personal Menu. It’s important before turn on a webcam you need to edit your preferences in your “Personal Options” to set who is allowed to view your webcam.
  1. Archives.
All of your private shows are automatically recorded and saved for you forever at your Archives page.
  1. MFC TV. is the home of our original video series documenting MyFreeCams models at Tradeshows all around the world.
  1. MyFreeCams Merchandise.
You can get more information about MyFreeCams clothing and other branded items at the page –
  1. Tradeshows.
Sometimes MyFreeCams sponsors adult-themed trade shows or conventions where models can attend and help promote the You can get more information about it at the page –
  1. MFC Alerts.
MFC Alerts is a video overlay plugin for models created in the MFC community as an unofficial add-on. In October 2018, MFC Alerts became an official feature and is offered to all MyFreeCams models for free. You can get more information about it at the page – Additional FAQ about MyFreeCams

Does MyFreeCams has a mobile app?

MyFreeCams doesn’t have apps for the Android or IOS platform. But the website has fully optimized MyFreeCams mobile version. The URL address of MyFreeCams mobile is

It’s comfortable to use MyFreeCams mobile site on all mobile devices. So, it’s the closest thing to a MyFreeCams Mobile App.

You can get more information about MyFreeCams mobile at the page –

How to make money on MyFreeCams?

The best way to make money on is working as a MyFreeCam model.

MyFreeCams is a very popular website. Millions of people visit this website every month. So, you can get a great opportunity to make money as MFC cam girl.

Also, MFC models are paid over 60% of every dollar spent on this website. It’s the highest percentage in the webcam industry.

How much money will you make?

The top models make over $50,000 per month, and many models make over $10,000 per month. It all depends on the individual model and every model is different.

What do I need to get started?

  • Computer
  • Webcam (Built-in webcams are OK)
  • Internet connection (minimum 3 Mbps upload)

Model Web Broadcaster. ModelWeb is a web-based application ( that allows models to broadcast on through the web browser. All models must be logged into the ModelWeb in order to broadcast on, even if using an External Broadcasting application.

You can get more information about Model Web Broadcaster at the page –

How does the model’s signup process work?

It’s really quick and easy. You need to finish some simple steps and after a few hours, you can broadcast and make money at

  1. First of all, go to and familiarize yourself with the website and see how it works.
  2. Read information about “Who Can Be a MyFreeCams Model” at the page –
  3. Complete the registration form at the Model Signup Page – Also, you can get more information about Model Registration Process at the page –
  4. After you are approved, you’ll be e-mailed a link to complete your account information.
  5. Then you can log in to a special page for models and upload your Photo ID and fill out your profile.

Then you’re ready to broadcast! You can get more information about “How to Become a Webcam Model at MyFreeCams” at the page –

Sites Like MyFreeCams

I have prepared for you a list of sites that can be alternative or used along with MyFreeCams.

MyFreeCams similar sites:

Conclusion about MyFreeCams

MyFreeCams still one of the best cam sites that offers you a lot of features and interface customization opportunities. I used a lot of different cam sites, but MFC Cam has given me some new experiences. The website has some weaknesses (the biggest one is only female models are available for users). Also, “old school” and sometimes difficult design could rise some difficulty, especially for new users. But I recommend using MyFreeCamas for new users and users with experience in adult webcams.

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